Black Lantern Presents - Zelmershead debut album Imperfection


Ukraininan project Zelmershead was formed in winter 2012. Anton Pokrovsky and Lin Helly collaborated on their first EP named “WhiteSideBlack”. And now we here at Black Lantern have the pleasure of releaseing their full length project. Reflecting post-dubstep and 90’s Trip-Hop wrapped in the shadow of something dark and accompanied by beautifully hunting vocals that weave themselves in and out of this sonic world. Zelmershead ask you their listeners to forget about daily responsibilities and just think, look deep and inward and listen.

"beautiful dark and deep."

music: Anton Pokrovsky 

lyric’s and vocals: Lin Helly 

cover design: Kira Kuznetsova 

thanks to Alex Tsitsarev and Yury Buldymenko for hardware support 

[BLM080] Black Lantern Music

Zelmershead | Aero (music video) from Zelmershead on Vimeo.

Also available on CD [HERE]


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